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By Dr. Shalini Mehta – Founder and CEO of Designing Fortunes, Astrologer, Vaastu Expert, and NLP Practitioner.

vastu shastra

Innumerable definitions on Vastu Shastra Science are available on the click of a mouse. Google and a host of websites offer many definitions, explanations and information on Vastu Shastra. But despite a whole lot of information available, the common man is still hazy about the science of Vastu Shastra and its application. And that too when Vastu Shastra is an indigenous science of India, and is a traditional art and science followed by Kings in ancient times. Today it is a necessary part of the construction of houses and their interiors, amongst the elite segment of society. And yet, the common man is still buried under a debris of misconceptions on this subject.

In my vast experience in the field of Vastu Shastra, I have observed that we can get amazing results through a scientific application of the art and science of Vastu Shastra. The challenging or negative astrological aspects and predictions can be negated not just 100% but by 1000% with the diligent and consistent use of Vastu Shastra.

Vastu Shastra is a science and an art. It requires diligent and consistent dedication. In the modern-day scenario, the innumerable online classes, short courses, or 2-3 days workshops and webinars on Vastu Shastra are really not equipped to encompass the vastness of the topic, and they are unable to grasp the depth of the subject. Limiting Vastu Shastra to a superficial surface study does not do justice to the beauty of the subject. Vastu Shastra needs years and years of dedicated hard work and study, to master it and to put it to its best use.


Vastu Shastra is based on the balance of 3 natural forces.
Solar Energy
Magnetic Energy
Gravitational Energy

These energy systems are a scientific study in physics, chemistry and bio sciences.

Solar energy is a purifying energy. Sunlight has a wide spectrum of rays which have the power to kill micro-organisms, bacteria and virus. Hence, the kitchen in south, or rooms in east help to build our health and immunity.

If one follows the magnetic energy principles, and aligns the sleeping area and posture to it, then a healthy blood flow is maintained, and many health problems and diseases due to improper blood circulation can be avoided. Earth itself is a big magnet and the magnetic current flows from north-pole to south-pole. Placement of the bed as per this magnetic current leads to better blood flow and a sound sleep.

Lastly, and simply put, gravitational energy is the earth’s force of attraction. The principles of the gravitational energy are used in the construction of buildings. Firm ground possesses higher gravitational energy as compared to soft, tilled agricultural land. Hence buildings constructed on firm ground with high gravitational energy are stable and long lasting.

Awareness of Vastu and arrangement of rooms and interiors as per vastu shastra science, channels good energy into our living and working spaces and into our lives.

vastu shastra

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