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The Edge

Painted by: Neha Bisht, a painter, an internationally reputed author, a poetess, an Oracle Reader

  • Medium Oil on Stretched Canvas
  • Size 36 inches x 40 inches
  • Circa 2018
The Edge
Criticism on the painting is done by Pallavi Moitra: Art Critique, Blogger, Owner and Editor Spiritual Pentacle

When the universe around you comes to a standstill and you need to take a difficult and crucial decision of change, that is when one stands on the edge of their lives. They don’t know what is there in hold for them. The only thing that is visible is the path that they have walked on and the destination where they have reached. Backtracking on the same path would mean getting back into the same mundane churning from which they tried to come out.

Yet the decision to move further forward into the unknown is a difficult one because the one who is on the edge does not know the challenges ahead and may crumble down under their own fears and uncertainties. It needs tremendous courage and self confidence to break the barriers and take the leap of faith, to submit yourself to God and move on in the right direction, a path chosen by God and treaded upon by human for a self realising, enlightening, fulfilling and a happy journey .

In this painting the artist, Neha Bisht, has portrayed the same dilemma. The Edge painting is like a triangle of emotions in which most of us get embroiled in and feel helpless about the path ahead.

The very idea of change is threatening as what lies beyond is unknown. Yet when someone takes the blind leap, God comes in to rescue and upholds our faith in him.

In the painting The Edge the painter has painted a plateau top that ends in a gorge and there are lots of clouds around that makes the scenario obscure to see.

The Edge is steep and the fall is unknown. There are feathers gently floating upwards showing the divine intervention. God is saying that he is there and he will take care of us when we take the leap of faith. The colours used in this painting The Edge are dark and Gothic. The temperament of the painting is heavy and makes one rethink about their own lives and their journeys. The confident brush strokes brings out the painters sanguine character on this painting.

Though this painting is Gothic, yet it is surreal as it leaves a streak of elusiveness of ‘what next’. Neha Bisht has boldly painted the reality of every person on the canvas where her colours and strokes speak the eternal language of love and hope that rises beyond the frustrations, fears and dilemma.


My paintings are never just pictures. They are stories of the soul – Soul Landscapes. They are a truth lived, an energy, an emotion that pulsates, a journey we all experience.

My painting “The Edge” embodies the energy of that moment of decision that has the power of altering destiny, or setting us forth on a destined path, towards a desired destiny. A moment that is filled with a storm of thoughts, as you stand at the edge of transformation.

Free Will is a boon given to us by the Universe. Yet destiny is already written & unfolds as destined. The two ideologies are a contradiction of philosophies. Yet, both are tangible and true.

Each choice you are presented with, is your free will. Fluid and changing.

But the path that unfolds after a choice is made, or after a decision is taken, is a destined alchemy. The end it takes you to, is destiny. Fixed and definite.

Your universe is your Karma that unfolds first in your thought. Hence, at a moment of decision or choice, we stand at the edge where we become the creators of our destiny. That moment is fraught with a churning of thoughts, realities, illusions, dreams. Transformation is the energy of Shiva.

It is this intriguing tango of the Fluid & Fixed Energies, between Universe & You that weaves the picture of your life.

The Edge

The Edge awaits the decision.

The retreat or the fall? 

The fall or the flight?

A Moment of Decision.

Trepidation or Transition.

Threshold of Transformation.

Plunge or Ascension.

Churning of thoughts.

A moment of Deafening Silence. …

Everything lies beyond the Edge.

Beyond fog & beyond clouds.

Beyond light and beyond abyss.

All moments, events & occurrences, lead to the edge.

All hues turn to shades of grey.

A new world awaits.

Destiny awaits to unfold.

But Truth lies beyond the Edge.

Destiny lies beyond the truth.

The Edge awaits the Decision.

The retreat or the fall?

The fall or the flight?


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