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The Liberta

Painted by: Neha Bisht, a painter, an internationally reputed author, a poetess, an Oracle Reader

  • Medium Oil on Stretched Canvas
  • Size 36 inches x 36 inches
  • Circa 2018
  • Genre Soul Landscapes
  • Style Impressionism
Criticism on the painting is done by Pallavi Moitra: Art Critique, Blogger, Owner and Editor Spiritual Pentacle

Criticism on the painting is done by
Pallavi Moitra: Art Critique, Blogger, Owner and Editor Spiritual Pentacle

We all seek for a change; we all need the much-needed movements in our lives. And when this movement reaches us, after a period of stillness and silence, it is celebrated. This celebration of movement is portrayed in this’ The Libereta’ painting by Neha Bisht. Her brushes beautifully glide  


on the canvas describing this movement. The Blue sky and the clouds portray the feeling of freedom and vastness. The open field is like the canvas of life that is stretched across for the open heart and mind to run unchained.

This gleeful movement is beautifully portrayed by the painter on her canvas. In the Libereta this extreme happiness and relief of this change is shown in every stroke of her brush. She balances this movement with stability by painting the trees, they move and bend but they are not breaking.

They boldly face this extreme gust of wind and are letting themselves be one with the universe. The movement of the trees due to the wind is the sign of happiness, liberation and emancipation.

This wind is the wind of change. But it is not always the environmental change that takes place. Rather this change can be of self-developing, enhancing the maneuverability of thoughts, imaginations and beliefs and also the change in the aspects of life. This indistinguishable incident happens in human lives too when the long halt stillness is suddenly broken with lots of motion.

This motion was indispensable, yet it brings with it the rush of energies that we bend with the flow. The imperative release of emotions and feelings happen and we become free to fly with this movement to reach our destined path that otherwise seemed distant.

The painter’s strokes are confident on the canvas. Her choice of colours is subtle and they pronounce immense happiness, vastness and vividness. Her language on her canvas is simple and humble while he renders this large expansion of movements. She is boldly showing ‘Liberation’


My painting Liberta embodies the energy of movement, growth, expansion, a divine blessing of a much awaited action unfolding. It is the story of movement after a period of pause.

Sometimes everything comes to a halt and there is an energy of waiting that hangs all around. Efforts that have been made, await results. Liberta is freedom from the inertia of waiting and moving forward, divinely guided by a message from the higher powers. It is an oracle of a message that comes in the form of some unexpected good news or energy unfolding. Liberta is path towards liberation of soul to live its higher destiny.

Blue embodies the energy of healing, peace and emotional balance. Blue is also the colour of expression. Burnt sienna is stability. Yellow is empowerment, wisdom. Wind is movement. Clouds are messages. Open horizon is expansion. Trees together in pairs is support.

A week after I completed this painting Liberta, my book Meandering Brush was published. I am happy that this painting now adorns the beautiful home of Medha Sugara.


Monotony of azure for long had droned.

A restless stillness had crawled all around.

I looked up at the heavens,

For a letter, a message.

Waiting…. Just waiting.

Suddenly a tiny white tuft drifted in.

A blade of grass poked me like a pin.

Tuft of white changed the mood of the

blue sky,

As it floated into the line of my eye.

Song of azure changed its rhythm.

Excitement hummed its tune & bubbled.

Winds rustled the grass.

Grew in momentum.

Trees swayed like a song in my soul sanctum.

Great white letters from the universe floated in the skies.

The pulse changed as the winds kissed my eyes.

Golden earth danced all around.

New cycles heralded hope around.

Spirits soared with a sense of freedom.

Libertà, my soul cried, as it rode the skies.

Painting in the ownership of – Medha Sugara, Assistant Professor at St John’s Medical College Bangalore, Oncologist/ Cancer Surgeon.


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