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By Pallavi Moitra, Art Critique and owner and editor of Spiritual Pentacle

In the introduction of the Kybalion Series we had discussed about the beginning of the Occultisms and had introduced you with the father of all Occultisms, Hermes Trismegistus. He was believed to be a God by the Egyptians. He was known as Thoth by them. Years after the Egyptians, even the Greek’s called him a God. They called him Hermes Trismegistus. Hermes- the God of wisdom. He was considered to be ‘the Scribe of Gods’ and he was given the title ‘Trismegistus’ which meant the ‘greatest-great, ‘thrice great’ etc.

Even today his name and his prophecy are a secret, only to be revealed to those who want to study about the Hermetic Principles also known as the Kybalion Philosophy. In this article I shall be discussing the Seven Hermetic Principles in short before writing about them one by one from the next article onwards.

The Seven Hermetic Principles are as follows:

1. The Principle of Mentalism

seven hermetic principles kybalion philosophy

“The All is Mind; The Universe is Mental” The foundation of the Seven Hermetic Principles begins with the ‘Mentalism’. It says that the universe and everything in the universe is all in the mind and the universe is living and breathing. One can connect with the universe. This connection happens through energies and through atoms. These energies are nothing but the spirit which forges the connections. These connections between us and the universe are through mind and these spirits bring these connections alive.

It is quite unfathomable to understand how these happen, but it is also true, that we get what we ask for from the universe. Every action and every conception are an interaction with the universe, mentally. Therefore, everything is in the mind, everything is mental. This is a perfect demonstration of energy, power, matter, science and with these keys one can step into a huge world of knowledge about mental and psychic science.

All these are quantum physics. In mentalism it is found that the whole world is created with patterns and they are all potential connections with energies. And all these happen in the conscious mind. The Principle of Mentalism gives more weightage on the conscious mind and then on the energies. Every thought begins in the conscious mind and then the energies begin to flow. Every right thought will give the right actions. Hermetic Teachings accentuates the power of reasoning, intelligence, caution and impulsiveness.

2. The Principle of Correspondence

seven hermetic principles kybalion philosophy

The second principle, among the Seven Hermetic Principles, says “As Above So Below, As Below So Above. As Within So Without, As Without So Within”. This principle defines that there are laws of correspondence and phenomena to existence at various levels. Every phenomenon like energy, or any motion or vibration and even light and sound has correspondence with the universe by being in the physical world. These correspondences are a reflection of the inner and the outer worlds.

Therefore, every feeling gets reflected. A positive and happy feeling or even a negative and unhappy feeling gets reflected equally in the outside world. It is like a mirror reflection of what is inside.

The followers of the Seven Hermetic Principles consider this principle of correspondence to be a powerful principle. It corresponds in multiple layers of manifestation like the physical, emotional, mental and to an extend the spiritual level, especially for those who are into the fundamentals of spiritualism. This principle makes one realise and know the unknown and see through the anomality.

3. The Principle of Vibration

“Everything is in Motion. Everything Vibrates. Nothing is at Rest” which means that there is a movement when one tries to manifest something. Every cell and atom in our bodies and every atom and particles outside our bodies are constantly vibrating to our thinking and in return producing energies. Each and every frequency, like light or heat, has its own degree of vibration.

Every manifestation needs these frequencies and vibrations to manifest something. Vibrations are endless and in every state of mind we are dwelling in, physically, mentally and emotionally, we vibrate accordingly.

As the Seven Hermetic Principles believe “He who understands the principles of vibration has grasped the scepter of power”. Therefore, the changes are the only constant and everything has motions. Every thought that comes in our minds, we vibrate in that frequency which in return helps to manifest properly.  

seven hermetic principles kybalion philosophy

4. The Principle of Polarity

“Everything is dual; Everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled which means that there are two aspects, two poles to everything. They are two pairs of opposite characteristics which is having their own extremes.

Therefore, in every aspect of life one will find opposites and will encounter the poles differences. But this principle also says that though there are opposites there still lie a degree of similarity which creates a reconciliation between the poles.

In a spiritual journey the spirit and the matters are two aspects of the same thing and they are connected through vibrations. The finite mind and the infinite mind are opposite yet they are connected.

The followers of the Seven Hermetic Principles believe that this principle teaches that there is a very thin line between the opposites. Rather they are the same with a degree that creates the differences. The only difference are the vibrations. There is nothing called absolute like good or bad. They are the scale on whose end the good and bad is kept. Whichever side goes higher you become so. The opposite pairs exist everywhere. If you have a particular thing you will find its opposite.

seven hermetic principles kybalion philosophy

5. The Principle of Rhythm

“Everything Flows, Out and in; Everything has its Tides; All Things Rise and Fall; The Pendulum Swings of Swing to the Left; Rhythm Compensates” which means that everything has rhythm or tides which is recurring and is always in motion. There is always a change and there is always an activity that creates a rhythm and manifests a phenomenon in the history of time which again gets


repeated itself. This principle is having a deeprooted connection with the principles of polarity and rhythm. The principle of polarity speaks of rhythm in everything. The principle of rhythm speaks of the movement and vibrations in every motion and that creates a rhythm. This rhythm creates a change, a transition between the opposites, which is polarity, that brings out the manifestations.

This rhythm is also like a pendulum. When the pendulum moves to the right the opposite side wait for it to come towards it. In other word the other side retreats.

In the Seven Hermetic Principles the principle of polarity and the principle of rhythm together brings out the patterns of the occurring that are happening in our lives. The polarity speaks of the opposites and these opposites are well connected to each other that makes them the two sides of one thing. The principle of rhythm speaks of the rhythm that exists in every energy that flows.

Everything has a cycle to follow. A transition happens in every change which manifests into a new thing like a cocoon opens to be a butterfly. We all just need to be in the flow and this flow will help us to follow the rhythm of life.

seven hermetic principles kybalion philosophy

Image: Seven Hermetic Principles

6. The Principle of Cause and Effect

Every Cause Has its Effect. Every Effect Has its Cause. Everything Happens According to Law. Chance is but a Name for Law Not Recognized. There are Many Planes of Causation, But Nothing Escapes the Law.” which means that everything happens for a reason.

Nothing happens without a reason. There is nothing called chance. The effects of every cause are accurate and is extremely multidimensional. The laws of the universe work in a way where from the crust anything that happens looks like it happened by chance but inside there are reasons why that particular thing happened with you. As we all know that every action has vibration and these vibrations create the manifestation. This principle speaks of these actions and their reactions.


In the Seven Hermetic Principles, this principle is also called the Karma. To bring the changes you wish to see in your life you need to change yourself first. Which means that one needs to evoke the powers of change in them to plant a seed of change. But it is also true that one has to be extremely cautious about what they are evoking which seed of change they are planting as they will be reaping the same thing that they have planted. Your intention should always be pure.

seven hermetic principles seven hermetic principles seven hermetic principles seven hermetic principles

7. The Principle of Gender

Gender is in Everything. Everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles. Gender Manifests on all Planes” which means every manifestation can only happen if the genders are there working properly for the causation. Physical, mental or even spiritual energies are of no good without this principle.

The principles of polarity and rhythm goes together with this principle of gender. This principle speaks of the equal distribution of masculine and feminine energies in universe and they both are needed for a perfect balance in the environment to grow mentally and spiritually. This principle focuses of procreation and regeneration. The masculine side of this principle gives weightage to expressions, focus, thoughts, imaginations and ideas. On the other hand, the feminine side focuses on the emotions and the operations. In a simpler way the masculine side initiate and the feminine side creates.


In the Seven Hermetic Principles this principle teaches us the balance, the unity and the yin and yang nature. All these aspects are within us and the only thing it needs is a balance of both he genders to move ahead in life smoothly. There should always be a balance of emotions to create a perfect harmony in life. By creating this balance in us we can reflect a balance in our universe too.

Based on these Seven Hermetic Principles, the age-old study of occultism and religion started.

These principles, if followed accordingly, will provide a harmonious life. In the coming articles all these principles shall be discussed one by one for gaining more clarity on each. I sincerely hope that this article will provide the much-needed clarity to the Kybalion philosophy.

seven hermetic principles kybalion philosophy

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seven hermetic principles kybalion philosophy seven hermetic principles kybalion philosophy seven hermetic principles kybalion philosophy seven hermetic principles kybalion philosophy

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