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By Neha Bisht

Artist (Painter), Writer, Blogger, Oracle Card Reader, Published Author (Meandering Brush)

…….Today a flower blooms sweet in my heart.


The sorrow & tears, I will let them flow,


When they come knocking at my door……

I was doing an oracle read for a young guy. In the course of conversation, he said something that took me back to my childhood. I too had battled with it for a long time. I don’t know what I lost or what I gained. But I definitely recall looking at happiness with fear and suspicion all the time.

You see, many a times, because of some unsavoury of difficult situations and experiences, we become fearful of happiness.

When I was small, every time I laughed, I went into grave tension that I am now gonna cry. And it so transpired that every time I felt happy like a blooming spring, some dark cloud would rumble and grumble and something would happen that horrible tears of sadness or anguish would drench me. Feeling happiness became a nightmare. I was forever looking out for some sorrow I anticipated, was lurking somewhere.

What a pity, I got scared of happiness!!!! If I laughed too hard, I would worry about the tears that I assumed were round the corner.

Oh! But I am generally a happy person & in love with love… How I yearned to be happy without the shadow of fear!

What I never realised was that I was not accepting the ebb and flow of life. I was never in the moment. I was always in the future anticipating an imagined darkness. And by doing so, I was not only manifesting problems in my life by my overthinking, but I was also not truly honouring blessing of a joyous moment. I was trying to control a fluid environment of existence.

Happiness is a momentary reaction to a stimulus. A funny joke, an adorable moment, a stupid act, a blooming flower, a sweet compliment, a win, a declaration of love, a sweet text, an awaited letter, a proposal accepted….anything can unfold that moment of joy. Feeling of happiness

is just a fleeting moment. It is not a constant emotion. Happiness is like a butterfly – elusive and fleeting. Rest of the life is another story…

Should the fear of losing, rejection, stop you from feeling the love beating in your heart? And should you smile a smile shackled to an unknown fear? No!

Leo Tolstoy said, “Happiness is an allegory. Sorrow is the story”…..

Seeking or expecting to be happy 365 days a year is like living on desserts or celebrating Christmas every day of the year. Guys!!! That’s too much sweetness to handle. It will lead to headache….

You see, life is a journey of evolving awareness. Happiness is a momentary interlude that brings fulfilment, – inspires, empowers, motivates.

Sorrow is the game changer- the catalyst that brings awareness of truth, lifts the veil and helps ascend beyond vulnerabilities.

Life is an amalgam of both….

A moment never stays the same. The crests and troughs are the ebb and flow of life. To know the big picture and yet be in the moment is a hermit’s truth.

This too shall pass…. That too shall end.


Why then Monsieur & Mademoiselle,


Should fear shackle.


Or a far off dream,


Not let you enjoy the bloom in your garden today, my friend…..

In time as I grew up, I learned to walk in faith. Embrace all that came my


The inevitable has to be lived. Everything ends, transforms, and is reborn.

“Only the dead stay seventeen forever” (Haruki Murakami).


“What goes up, must come down”. (Newton’s Law)

However, the point is that the falling object might hit you, or might not.

So, “cross the bridge when you come to it” (mandarin proverb)

And please…

“Don’t trouble trouble until trouble troubles you”…..

Because, my dear….

“Some of your hurts you have cured, and the sharpest you’ve even survived. But what torments of grief you’ve endured from evils which never arrived” (Ralph Waldo Emerson).

Open your heart to receive. Set boundaries to protect. And remember when you are sad, it is what it is- accept it, feel it and move on. Nothing justifies you turning Happiness into a freaking Nightmare by

imagining a darkness that may follow!! Melancholy can be a dangerous addiction.

Broken heart will smile again. Don’t fall in love with darkness or you may perceive the rose extended towards you as a gun pointed at you!!!

That’s doom gloom….

“You cannot chase waterfalls.


Today a flower blooms sweet in my heart.


Sweet breathes a smile in my soul.


The sorrow & tears, I will let them flow,


When they come knocking at my door.


Today, a flower blooms,


And butterflies flutter all around.


A bud opens its petals.


For long it had held it tight.


Shenanigans of Wars & Society grumble a drama.


A noise they have made for aeons …


What has to end will end,


And change what must change.


I make the change from where I stand.


And mend the broken wing that flaps at my door.


And help it to fly without fear.


That much I can do.


A hermit smiles.


A puppy plays.


Both hold a treasure, invaluable…


The key to existence.


Today a flower blooms sweet in my heart.


Sweet breathes a smile in my soul.


The sorrow & tears, I will let them flow, When, they come knocking at my door”…….


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