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By Swaritt Singh, K11 Certified Fitness Trainer, Fitness Blogger @FitnessBlues

What is fitness?

Fitness is having the physical ability to do strenuous everyday tasks with little to no difficulty. Now, obviously if you push yourself to your limits, it will be difficult. But being able to do everyday tasks like carrying groceries, walking up stairs and other general activities should not pose a challenge to you. To achieve this, we must push our bodies and minds to do something difficult. When we do so, our body adapts to that stress.

And the same task is no longer difficult for us. Now of course we can do this in everyday life. We can find the tallest building and climb up the stairs. We can go to the grocery store and load up the biggest sack of flour and carry it home. But let’s be honest, that’s gonna be kinda weird, and not to mention, pretty unnecessarily time consuming and unsafe. Therefore, we have the gymnasium for cardio vascular and strength training exercises. A place where you can push your body and mind to succeed at previously impossible tasks, safely and without looking ridiculous.

Now, coming to the gym and just doing anything is not enough. You want to follow a proper well thought of fitness regime. This fitness regime should consist of both cardio vascular and strength-training, and should always be concluded with some stretching. Only cardio vascular or only strength training is not going to be enough. For neither of them can replace the other.

Cardio Vascular Exercise Fitness powerful cardio vascular exercise

Let’s start with understanding cardio vascular. Cardio vascular exercise for fat loss? True, cardio helps us to lose fat. But all kinds of many different exercises also do the same. The main benefit of doing cardio vascular is that it trains your heart and your lungs. This is very important since our heart works 24×7 and therefore it is imperative to work towards keeping it healthy. Along with our heart, our lungs are equally important. They help us to utilize our no. 1 natural resource- Air.

Cardio Vascular Exercise Benefits

Now, when training our heart and lungs, there are 2 main types of cardio vascular exercises. HIIT and steady state cardio. HIIT involves short, very intense bouts of training with short to moderate rest intervals in between. It is generally very strenuous on the body and therefore 3-5 bouts are usually more than enough. It should be limited to around 1-2 times a week, since it is pretty

hard to recover from. On the other hand, there is steady state cardio. Steady state cardio vascular exercise involves low intensity exercise like jogging continued for a long period of time with no rest intervals. It’s not very strenuous on the muscles or the heart, but if it involves impact on the ground then it can take its toll on the joints. However, since it is easier to recover from, you can get at it 2-3 times a week.

Along with cardio vascular exercise, strength training is equally important for any successful training regimen. The benefits of strength training are vast. It helps to build and tone muscles as well as strengthen bones and joints. In strength training there are a variety of exercises to choose from. But it’s always better to opt for compound lifts and exercises that mimic the everyday tasks that we want to get better at. And once we’ve chosen the right exercises it’s always a good idea learn and perfect the proper technique before adding on weight.

Learning and perfecting the right technique will not only help us to lift safely inside the gym, but also lift safely outside the gym in our daily lives.

Cardio Vascular Exercise Fitness powerful cardio vascular exercise

Can Exercise Help the Mind?

Okay so till now we’ve looked at some of the ways exercising can help our body. But what about our mind? Can exercising help our mind? Yes. When we exercise then a few chemical reactions take place in our bodies. As a result, endorphins, dopamine and serotonin is released in the body. These hormones help with improvement and regulation of our moods and management of our stress levels. Along with this, testosterone is also released which helps with battling symptoms of depression.

Exercise also makes us feel better by improving our self-image and therefore self-confidence. It helps us to create healthy habits like sleeping on time and eating well too. All in all with so many positive effects of exercise it’s only natural that you should get out there and get started. Take a small step towards your fitness journey every day. Soon you’ll realize that it’s become second nature to you. Specially, in the wake of covid-19 pandemic, physical fitness is no more an option. It is imperative to be fit.

Now get up. And get achieving.

Cardio Vascular Exercise Fitness powerful cardio vascular exercise

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Fitness powerful cardio vascular exercise Cardio Vascular Exercise Fitness powerful cardio vascular exercise 

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