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Astrology is a Science to meticulously predict the future

By Dr. Shalini Mehta – Founder and CEO of Designing Fortunes, Astrologer, Vaastu Expert, and NLP Practitioner.

Astrology is a science

What is Astrology- Astrology is a science

There are many views and opinions on ‘Astrology’. People have access to the internet and google search is an answer to every query related to any topic, hence the word ‘astrology’ needs no introduction. Every individual, depending upon their personal experiences, carry different views and opinions on this controversial topic. But all spiritual sciences, be it yoga, vastu shastra, astrology etc. are tools that help you achieve inner balance and worldly success.

Astrology is a subject to study.

Astrology is a subject for ‘education’ just like any other subject, like Physics, Chemistry or Maths. Therefore, astrology can be studied by any individual irrespective of their age, caste, creed, or religion. Astrology is a science that everyone can study.

Astrology is a science that is used to study the human lives through the celestial behaviours, an attempt to measure and predict developments in their lives, after a number of repetitions, predictions, based on a practical, time tested accuracy. So, astrology is a science that adds great value in our ways of living, and helps us in structuring our lives in a better way.

In astrology, a set pattern is scientifically applied to study the predictions since ages, and it is tested through thousands of astrological predictions all over the world. This pattern and an astrologer’s reading of this pattern provides accuracy and credibility and it is a proof enough that astrology is a very deep scientific subject that has been applied all over the world, in numerous scenarios, since time immemorial.

Astrology is a science in which a hypothesis is formed in the beginning and based on that hypothesis a number of tests are conducted. Once these test results prove to be correct through repeated accuracy of predictions, an astrological inference is established.

Astrology is a science

How we commit Astrology to our daily lives?

Well, ‘Macrocosm in Microcosm’ is a phrase that is often heard of, Right? But exactly how do we understand this phrase in our daily lives? The Basic Composition of the Universe are the five elements or ‘Panch Mahabhoot’ collectively known as Agni (Fire), Prithvi (Earth), Jal (Water), Akash (Space), and Vaayu (Air). Our human body is also made up of these Panch Mahabhootas. Our body is the Microcosm in which the Universe is the Macrocosm and vice-versa. So, any imbalance in our macrocosm will result in an imbalance in our microcosm and vice-versa. Hence, understanding these five elements deeply and then making efforts to maintain this balance can lead us to a very happy and a fulfilling life!

Astrology is a science

Finally, how this balance can be achieved?
Now this question is a very complex one and yet it is the simplest of question too that can be answered ever. So, basically, either develop a personal philosophy or be coached/mentored towards achieving your life goals and understandings like “Who are you”? and “Why are you here”? A mentor can help a person to reach their ultimate balance through these scientific practices.

Personal philosophy can be accurate or can become inaccurate and if it becomes inaccurate then the whole study of this divine science will be lost in the oblivion for that person. That person will become completely misguided by misleading information. Therefore, it is always best to have a guided coaching for achieving the happiness or ‘Moksha’.

BLOG- Astrology is a Science to meticulously predict the future

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Astrology is a Science Astrology is a Science Astrology is a Science

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