Spirituality has always been the most intriguing and the most mysterious topic. There are so many ways one can relate to this subject. Many of the studies on spiritualism refer to it as a channel to reach God, through religious texts and prayers and making yourself amalgamate in the light of God to be one with the universe. And then there is a philosophical side which says that spiritualism is a path that you walk on with the guidance of books, meditation, yoga etc. and you reach a level where you balance your life and remain healthy, mentally and physically.

Therefore spirituality can be directly related to the mental health of a person who is getting streamlined over the time to remain at ease in life. Still there is no said definition that can define spirituality completely. It has always been a vast and a vivid topic. There was a survey done by MC Carroll where he gave twenty-seven explicit definitions of spirituality in its broad sense and described it as a relationship between self and others, self and God and all the existing things in universe.

Why Spiritual Pentacle?

Spiritual Pentacle magazine has always been a dream of mine. This bimonthly  magazine is just a small representation of this vividness of this universe. It tries to capture this vibrance of spirituality through  articles, poems, spiritual art, prayers, healings, meditations and verses from holy scriptures simplified for everyone, that will help in leadeing a purposeful and an insightful life.

Spirituality as a whole has been a topic on which I have been doing my studies on. It never came to me since birth. Earlier I was an Aethist who didn’t believe in any existence except for my existence until a terrible near death head injury turned me around to believe that I am protected and watched over by the universe. And then few more miracles happened in my life where doctors too were amazed as to how it happened. All these experiences made me delve into the world of spiritualism to know what really exists beyond the realm of reality that we cannot see yet it is there. My journey towards knowing the unknown brought me to places and people who guided me to see through the smokey glass and be one with the undescribable, irreplaceable yet undiscovered reality.


Owner Nd Editor of Spiritual Pentacle E-Magazine

Pallavi Moitra

An art critique, blogger, a single mother, a daughter, and now editor.
I started my career as a graphic designer. Lalit Kala Akademi, Govt of India, was a milestone in my journey. It opened a new horizon for me and ever since my love affair with art has become a neverending live story. After moving onward from LKA, and after wearing many hats, I have started this e-magazine. This emagazine is my dream. It has been a deep soul calling for me to initiate a lifestyle magazine that opens an organic way of higher living. With Spiritual Pentacle I hope to open a new horizon in people’s lives.

Contributor and Supporter

Iqbal Krisha

He is an award winning Senior Painter of international repute, an acclaimed art curator and my mentor and guide and also one who helped me to come out of my shell.

Content Coordinator

Neha Bisht

She is a wonderful Painter, Poetess Blogger an internationally published author an  Oracle reader and a charming friend who also guided me to know what I need to do and is a regular contributor.

Content Contributor and Researcher

Jaya Bhasin

 She willingly gave a helping hand for getting content.



The marketing team behind the marketing and making sure the articles reach you in time and without whom we all are lost.